cameroon gce advance level June 2020 literature English paper 1

cameroon gce advance level June 2020 literature English paper 1

cameroon gce advance level June 2020 literature English paper 1

General Literary principles (1-10)

The poetic feet in the word “silentl. iS;
A Iamb.
B Trochee.
Sixteenth Century Literature spans from: 8.
A 1500-1600.
B 1600-1700.
C 1500-1599. ‘
D 1700-1799.

Reflexive pronouns will include:
A You, she. . ‘
B Mine, yours.
C One’s, he’s.
D Myself, yourself.. ,
Dear Prof. MP, “I must emphasise the fact tha
poets, playwrights and novelists need not
exhaust existing concepts to be regarded as
virtuous literary men and women.” “Exhaust”
in this statement is:
A An adjective meaning, use up completely.
B A verb meaning, to use up completely.
C An adjective, meaning tire completely.
D A verb meaning, to consume completely.
In literary works, verisimilitude is achieved
(i) Retrospection.
(ii) First person point of view.
(iii) Characteristics of the period under
(iv) Authorial comments.
(v) Historical and or contemporary details of
names, settings and time.
, ii, iii.
i, iii, v.
i, iii, iv, v.
, ii, iii, v.
2. 9.
3. The appearance of actors on stage after a
performance to acknowledge the applause of
the audience is said to be the:
A Curtain raiser.
B Curtain call.
C Impersonation.
D Improvisation.
11. Which is the incident that prompts Claudius to
think of sending Hamlet to England?
A The killing of Polonius by Hamlet.
B The meeting between Hamlet and
Ophelia watched by Claudius and
C Observations by Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern after watching and
interacting with Hamlet as requested by
D The play within the play and Claudius’
show of guilt.
In order to do casting, a play director is most
likely to:

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