cameroon gce advance level June 2020 physics paper 1

cameroon gce advance level June 2020 physics paper 1

cameroon gce advance level June 2020 physics paper 1

The heating element of an electric kettle has a
resistance of 30.0 ft. The kettle is connected
to an a.c. power supply of root mean square
voltage 230 V. The peak value of the current
Section I 6.
(Thirty five questions)
Questions: 1- 35
Direction: Each of the thirtyJive questions or
incomplete statements in this section is followed
by four suggested answers. Select the best
answer in each case.
A 7.7 A
B 10.8 A
C 5.4 A
Which of the following are both base units in D 15.2 A
the’S.i. system of units?
A ampere and metre
B coulomb and second
C volt and kilogram
D ohm and kelvin
An Earth satellite of mass /;/ revolves at a
height h from the surface of the Earth. If R is
the Earth’s radius and g is the acceleration
due to gravity at the surface of the Earth, then
the velocity of the satellite is given by:
Select the sets of quantities that both have the
same units
A Electrical resistivity and thermal
B Work function and Planck’s constant
C Pressure and the Young’s modulus
D Energy and rate of change of

3. A particle oscillates with undamped simple R+h
harmonic motion. Which one of the following
statements about the acceleration of the
oscillating particle is true?
It is least when the speed is greatest.
It is always in the opposite direction to
its velocity
£ It is proportional to the frequency.
D It decreases as the potential energy
A container is filled with a sample of an ideal
gas at a pressure of 1.5 atm. The gas is
compressed isothermally to one-fourth of its
original volume. What is the new pressure of
the gas in atmospheres?
A 3
B 1
C 4
D 6

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