cameroon gce advanced level 2017 ICT paper 2

cameroon gce advanced level 2017 ICT paper 2

cameroon gce advanced level 2017 ICT paper 2


1 i Briefly describe the following systems as used in ICT, giving an example of each
a Monitoring system
b Control system (6 marks)
ii The manager of a local plantation company complains that the management information system of the company is failing to provide the correct level information.
a What is management information system? (2 marks)
b Give four possible reasons why the system is failing (4 marks)
iii a What is digital divide? (2 marks)
b Describe three causes of digital divide with respect to global communication
(3 marks)

2 i What is ergonomics with respect to respect to computer usage?
ii Describe two ways that can be taken to prevent,
a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
b Eye strain (4 marks)
iii Distinguish between the following data transmission modes, giving an example of each.
a. Serial and parallel transmissions.
b. Broadband and baseband transmissions.
c. Synchronous and synchronous transmissions. (6 marks)
iv Describe the following terms as used in internet communication:
a Chat room
b Instant messaging
c Web log (blog)
(6 marks)

3 i a Differentiate between data and information (2 marks)
b Outline three characteristics that make data reasonable (3 marks)
c Rearrange the following to form the Data Hierarchy System starting with the smallest unit of data to the biggest. Fields, Data warehouse, Folders, Bits, Records, Files, Bytes, Word. (4 marks)
ii a Briefly explain the term prototyping as used in software development. (2 marks)
b Outline four stages involved in prototyping (4 marks)
c State two benefits of prototyping to the end user
(2 marks)

4 i An organization has decided to connect its computers to communicate in a network.
a a. Give four hardware resources that will be needed in order to have internet connection.
b b. Describe two responsibilities of a network administrator in this organization. (4, 2 marks)
ii a Define the programming terms: syntax and semantics (2 marks)
b Describe each of the following: Algorithm, pseudo code and program.
(3 marks)
c. Draw a flowchart to represent the following algorithm
Enter the radius, R
Compute Area, A = π * r * r
Print “A” and “R”
Stop (4 marks)
iii Give two advantages of data normalization (2 marks)
i What is computer crime? (2 marks)
ii State two weaknesses of a bank’s information system that may expose it to each of the following;
a Unauthorized access to confidential data
b Damage of data (6 marks)
iii Study the logic circuit diagram below:

a What is the value of P? (2 marks)
b Draw the truth table of the logic circuit above in (a) (2 marks)
c Draw the circuit diagram for a NOR gate (2 marks)
iv Identify and describe three criteria to be used for the selection of library software
(3 marks)

6 i a Discuss two types of information systems that are useful to top level managers of an organization. (4 marks)
b Name and explain two criteria used to judge the success of an information system in an organization. (4 marks)
ii a What is a project? (2 marks)
b b. Give three reasons why regular reviews are necessary during all the phases of a project.
iii Define the following giving one advantage in using them to control a project:
a Critical path
b Flow chart
(4 marks)

7 i a In which phase of the SDLC is feasibility studies carried out? (1 mark)
b Name and explain three types of feasibility assessments carried out in the phase. (3 marks)
c State and explain three major tasks carried out during the design phase of the SDLC. (3 marks)
ii What is e-commerce? (3 marks)
iii Describe how the following activities are accomplished in e-commerce.
a Purchasing
b Selling
c Transfer of funds (6 marks)
iv iv. Describe the Boolean data type and explain a situation in which it is used
(2 marks)

8 i a What is the importance of file format? (1 mark)
b Draw the table below and classify the following file formats in the right column of file type:
Sound Document Spreadsheet Bit-mapped database Hypermedia

. (4 marks)
ii Describe four ways in which the government could enhance government services in Cameroon (4 marks)
iii Describe and give an example of each of the following ICT systems. Your example may be a
description of where the system is applicable. (4 marks)
a. Expert systems
b. Embedded systems (4 marks)
iv Name and explain two data transfer checks used in data communication
(4 marks)

6 i a List and explain any two types of wireless network standards (4 marks)
b Explain two disadvantages of wireless network (2 marks)
c Discuss how signal strength can be amplified in wireless networks (2 marks)
ii a Distinguish between the Internet and the web (2 marks)
b Give and explain four ways in which the internet has affected the society (4 marks)
iii If a novel contains 2500 characters, how much storage space is required to contain an e-library with two million novels? Give your answers in gigabytes. (3 marks)

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