cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 ICT 3

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 ICT 3

cameroon gce advanced level June 2022 ICT 3 GROUP 1 AND GROUP 2

Open the SALES workbook in the candidate folder. This workbook contains three worksheets, Sales, OldSales
and Summary.
Questions 1 to 9 are based on the Sales sheet.
1. Change the font type of the first row (showing SN, NAME, 3% Discount …) to ALGERIAN.
2. Insert cell border in the range A1:G25.
3. Adjust the Name field width to 138 pixels.
4. Insert a formula in the 3% Discount field to calculate the discount for each item bought.
This discount is 3% of the product of Unit Price and Quantity.
Write down the formula in cell C4.

Write down the formula in to calculate the Payable Total in FI 2 in the line below.
F12: (2 marks)
6. Calculate the total of 3% Discount and total of the Payable Total in row 25.
Write down the formula in cell C25.
C25: (1 mark)
7. Set the font of row 25 to bold and size 14. (1 mark)
Ensure that you have written down the formulae in the cells in questions 4, 5 and 6 above before
attempting the questions that follow.
8. Rearrange the fields (columns) in this sheet to occur in the order SN, Name, Item, Unit Price,
Quantity, 3% Discount and Payable Total.
9. Format the numbers in the range D2:G25 to thousand separator without decimal place.
The next exercises are based on the OldSales and Summary sheets.
10. Insert a fill color of light blue to the cells that make up the field names in both sheets.

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Click here to download the candidate folder for ict 2022 group 1 and 2

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