cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 2

cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 2

cameroon gce O level June 2023 religious studies 2

(Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, Saul and David up to the birth of Solomon)
1. “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s home, and go to a land that 1 am going to show

(a) Who made the above statement and to whom?
(b) State the promises that followed the above statement.
(c) Narrate the encounter between the Lord’s angel and Hagar after she escaped from Abraham’s house. (2 marks)
(8 marks)
(10 marks)
(8 marks) (7 marks) (5 marks)
2. (a) Describe how Moses was rescued after his birth.
(b) Briefly explain why Moses fled to Median
(c) State the ten (10) plagues God brought on the Egyptians

3. (a) Give two (2) reasons why the Israelites complained to Eli against his two sons?
(b) What did Eli do in response to their complaints?
(c) Narrate how David was anointed King, from when Jesse and his sons arrived to when Samuel anointed David
(d) State one (1) lesson you have’ learnt from the encounter between Prophet Nathan and David

4. (a) What do you understand by “The Synoptic Gospels” (5 marks)
(b) “Hail, 0 favoured one, the Lord is with you!”
(1) Who said this and to whom? (2 marks)
(ii) What effect did these words have on the person addressed? (4 marks)
(c) What advice did John the Baptist give to the multitude,
the tax-collectors and the soldiers when they asked him what they were to do? (5 marks)
(d) Mention two (2) unusual happenings immediately after the baptism of Jesus. (4 marks)
5. (a) Narrate the miracle of the feeding of about five thousand men with
five loaves of bread and two fish (10 marks)
(b) Before sending out the twelve apostles,•Jesus gave them power and authority
to do three (3) things. State them. (6 marks)
(c) Give two (2) lessons you have learnt from the parable of the prodigal Son. (4 marks)
6. (a) What did Jesus do when his disciples argued among themselves as to who was the greatest (4 marks)
(b) Give an account of Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of Olives with his disciples. (10 marks)
(c) How did the men who were guarding Jesus while in the house of the High Priest treat him? (3 marks)
(d) After the resurrection, Jesus met two of his disciples on the way to Emmaus.
What made the disciples to recognise Jesus? (3 marks)

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