logic and language


    • The link between logic and language:

Logic is related to language in two ways. I.e. syntactically and semantically. Semantics is when logic examins the relation between a term and its referent; while syntax is when logic examines the logical form of statements or arguments.

  • Definition of language:

Language is a system of communication using signs and words.

  1. The basic of Functions of Language:
    • Cognitive function:

Language can be used to communicate information i.e. transmitting knowledge. For example Cameroon is a country.

  • Emotive Function:

Language can also be used to express emotions, feelings or attitudes toward people, things or situations. E.g. What a beautiful lady.

  • Directory Function:

Language can also be used to cause or prevent actions. E.g. shut your mouth.

  1. Language and Thought

They are related as follows:

  • Language permits one to express ideas which are implied.
  • Language acts as a means to communicate one’s inner feeling.
  • Language can contextualise the ideas.

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