regional mock 2015 English A level paper 2


he physical person is created at conception and continues to live until physical death; the spirit person begins its autonomous existence at the birth of a baby. It exists forever, first connected to the physical person, and then, once the body dies, in the spiritual world. The spirit world is not remote during life on earth, but it is unknown to most people because of their undeveloped spiritual senses. In fact, human beings live in two worlds’ but the spirit world’s subject role vis-a-vis the body is often hidden. An awareness and proper understanding of this reality is important in the shaping of one’s physical life to serve the larger purpose of eternal spiritual existence. The spirit person has both a spirit mind and a spirit body, which responds to the desires of the spirit mind.

The spirit mind is the core of the spirit person , controlling the eternal life, love and ideals of individuals.

Through it, human existence gains value as emotion, intellect and will pursue, respectively,beauty, truth and ,goodness . it is  the place in humans where God can dwell. The physical mind is similar to an animal’s mind, manifesting rudimentary intellect and instinctive desires for nourishment and exercise, self-protection and comfort, and for reproduction – thereby maintaining life.



A journey is a life changing experience — which enable the traveler’s to accumulate their knowledge and exploited new horizons to no destination as the reward is the journey. There exist different types of journey that is, A
journey of death, A journey of hell, A journey of venture, A- journey of honey moon and a journey of Paradise. Life
is full of experience and challenges that we most over tome on earth as human beings. The journey i went through was at of hell, In my parents house that was a result of the attractive favorable sunshine of the world i got carried by heavy load like an elephant. Left all aloud in my world.

All started when i decided to go for a party without my parents approval. That was a birthday party, of my best friend, when she told me about the birthday. I told her i will be there that was sure fact. But on my greatest surprise when i told my parents they refused that i should attain the part that night. They said it’s very risky for me that i can buy a gift and give to her next time. For that, i told my parents that will go even without their opinion. At that very instand i got angry like a lion ready to eat then, But for the fact they were my parents i left them.



Choose ONE topic to write about from the list below. You are advised to write clearly and effective, to spell and punctuate correctly and to ensure that your writing is appropriate in style and content to the topic chosen. Avoid obscene language and do not disclose your identity. You should write between 500 — 550 words.
a) Write a story that ends with the expression that “money is good all the time”.
b) Describe a wedding ceremony that took place in a forest.
c) The rise of Pentecostal churches is detrimental to the society? Do you agree?

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