TCZ: Important Notice

The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) greatly inform the public the following important notice. Kindly read this and consider to share to other people.

    1. A Student Teaching Experience Authority (STEA) is given to students.This is ONLY valid during training periods. So anyone is advised to move along with it when going for teaching practices. Note equally that it ONLY applies for Pre-service teachers.
  1. A Teacher Registration Certificate (TRC) is given to a qualified teacher. Equally note that it’s a once off process, unless someone is changing his/her status.THREE (3) YEARS
  2. Finally, a Practical Certificate (PC) License is given to a registered teacher as a legal authority to practice. This shall be renewable after THREE (3) YEARS.

As said above please kindly take a good look at the above notice and consider sharing.

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