Uneb uce literature paper two 2004

Uneb uce literature paper two 2004

Choose one of the passages 1 to 4, read it carefully and then answer the questions following it as concisely as
Either 1. WOLE SOYINKA: The Trials of Brother Jero
JERO:I don’t know how she found out my house. When I bought the goods off her, she did not even ask any
questions. My calling was enough to guarantee payment. It is not as if this was a well paid job. And it is not what
I would call a luxury, this velvet cape which I bought from her. It would not have been necessary if one were not
forced to distinguish himselfmore and more from this scum who degrade the calling of the prophet. It becomes
important to stand out, to be distinctive. I have set my heart after a particular name. They will look at my velvet
cape and they will think of my goodness. Inevitably they must begin to call me….the Velvet – hearted Jeroboam.
[Straightens himself.]Immaculate Jero, articulate Hero of Christ’s Crusade… Well, it is out. I have not breathed it
to a single soul, but that has been my ambition. You’ve got to have a name that appeals to the imagination – because
the imagination is a thing of the spirit – it must catch the imagination of the crowd. Yes, one must move with modern
times. Lack of color gets one nowhere even in the prophet’s business.

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