Cameroon gce advance level June 2017 computer science 1

Cameroon gce advance level June 2017 computer science 1

Cameroon gce advance level June 2017 computer science 1

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1. Computer organisation is how:
The computer hardware logic is
A organised to carry out its operations.
, g . , Computer hardware is organised into
functional units and subsystems.
The computer is set up so as to carry
out tasks people want done.
The computer hardware is designed
D to provide services and facilities for
When the processor receives a signal, it stops
what it is doing in order to attend to the request
The mechanism exploited here is:
A Interrupt signal
B Spooling.
C Interrupt handling.
D Polling.
» •
The following is true of indirect operand
addressing mode:
A The data occupies the address just after
the instruction.
B The data occupies two memory cells of
the instruction.
C One needs to read two more memory
cells to get the data.
D One needs to index memory cells to get
the data..
• *
In this classification, each instruction is executed
using its own input data, independently of how
other instructions get their data. We are using
A Multiple Instruction Multiple Data.
B Multiple Instruction Multiple Data.
C Single Instruction Single Data.
D Single Instruction Multiple Data – r
Which of the following is NOT true of machine
instruction code?
A It has an instruction format.
B Its bit pattern is for specific machines.
C It has clear addressing formats.
^ All format machines . have same instructions
3. It is used for long-term storage of information,
but also as an overflow area for executing
A Hard disk.
10. Its software directly controls the hardware
components in order to carry out tasks they are
designed for but, essentially, it acts as a computer
and is seen as such. It is:
A A monitoring system.
B An embedded system.
C An automated system.
D A control system.
4. What is the result of the following in signabsolute notation? 01 110 100- 01 001 100.
A 00 101 OOOi
B 10 101 000.
C 00 010 100.
D 10 011 0 0 0.

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