cameroon gce june 2016 Geography Paper 3

cameroon gce june 2016 Geography Paper 3


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I.      Study the Topographic Map of Kumba at I :50000 and answer the questions below.

(a) Describe the nature of the relief and drainage of the area of the map North of Latitude 4° 40′ and West of

the road from Mambanda to lkiliwindi                                                                                            (8 marks)

(b) (i) Draw an annotated sketch map to show the situation of Kumba.(neighbouring and other locational

features must be identified)                                                                                                               (6 marks)

(ii) What evidence from the map shows that Kurnba;

I- Has administrative quarters?

2- Is characterized by social segregation 3- Is a fairly well planned settlement

(c) Using evidence from the map, explain two reasons which account for the absence of settlements in much of   the area to the north ofKumba and the lake                                                                                           (5marks)


(d) With reference to evidence from the map, briefly explain two reasons which must have caused the of                     Cardbury and Fry plantations to locate the farm at lkiliwindi in the North East?                  (4 marks)


2.      Based on an investigative fieldwork which you have undertaken in either physical or human geography, chose one of the following topics.

•:• Erosion by running water

•:• Stream load or channel characteristics •:• Vegetation changes along a transect·

•:• Movement of goods and/or persons between places

•:• Variation of land uses or functions over space

(a) Describe the location of the area where the investigation was carried out.

(b) State the objective and/or hypothesis you used in carrying out the investigation
(5 marks) (2 marks)
(c) Outline the type of data and the tools/materials/equipment needed for the investigation of the chosen topic

(3 marks)

(d) Briefly describe how you used the tools or materials on the field to obtain the required data in (c)

( 4 marks)

(e) How did you process the data collected, and present the results obtained? (6 marks)
(f) What conclusions did you arrive at in relation to your hypothesis or objective?
(3 marks)

3. The data below shows the average monthly precipitation of Younde

Month         J   F    M        A     M     J      J    A   s     0     N    D
Ppt in         45 62 160     201   203 156 80 95 210 245 175 35

(a) Draw a suitable diagram to show the distribution of rainfall during the year
(10 marks)
(b) Briefly describe the pattern of distribution of rainfall during the course of the year and explain the
distribution described.
(7 marks)

(c) (i) Briefly describe an alternative method of illustrating the data.
(3 marks)
(ii) Comment on either the advantage or disadvantage (limitations) of this method.  (3 marks)

                                                                              SECTIONC: CAMEROON

4. (a) (i) What is the Cameroon Volcanic Line?                                                                                                         (3 marks)

(ii) Using a sketch map, identify and locate the main reliefregions crossed by the volcanic line. (4 marks)

           (iii) List four major mountains within these regions apart from Mt. Cameroon.                                             (2 marks)

(iv) Name three main rivers that take their rise from the Western Highlands and identify their directions of

             flow____________________      (3 marks)

(b) For the country as a whole, analyse with reference to named areas how soils and climate constitute a

hinderance to agriculture improvements.

5. (a) Identify and briefly describe the major vegetation types in Cameroon.)                         \).

(b) Examine (i) The threats to the forest resources,
(7 marks) (6 marks)
(ii) the various ways government has attempted to ensure the sustainability of the resources.

(10 marks)

6. (a) Briefly compare the Western Highlands and the South Cameroon Low plateau in terms of

(i)  Relief  (3 marks)
(ii) Climate. (4 marks)
(b) Consider the factors that have led to the large scale migration of the population from the Western Highlands
to the South Cameroon Low plateau.
(16 marks)

7. Write explanatory notes on the Northern Lowlands in the following aspects:

(a) The relief/drainage characteristics of the region(8 marks)

(b) The natural resource base of the region    (7 marks)

(c) Manufacturing industries of the region   (8 marks)




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