impacts of arthropods

impacts of arthropods

impacts of arthropods



Impacts of arthropods on human

  • They serve as foo
  • Human catch and sell arthropods as a sources of income
  • They are important for biological research
  • They are import in biological control
  • They are used for ornamental purposes (decoration)
  • 65% of all plant species are pollinated by arthropods
  • Some produce sub, that are useful to us e.g. honey eaten as food and used as medicine
  • Improve on soil fertility e.g. termites during beetles (clean ecosystem)


Harmful effects of arthropods on humans

  • Some arthropods are very poisonous o humans
  • Many destroy our food crops (weevils, termites)
  • Some destroy our furniture and house equipment e.g. cloth
  • They compete with humans for food
  • They are diseases vectors that is spread diseases e.g. mosquitoes house fly, tsetse fly.



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