Mnemonics – Another way to memorize!

Mnemonics – Another way to memorize!-part 1

Hi Students.

Another privilege again to teach on our platform.

Let’s talk about something called Mnemonics; it’s simply a way to easily memorize important points or notes using either a song or anything fascinating where the core knowledge needed is mixed with the song/rhyme to make it easy to remember.

We will show you some mnemonics in Chemistry.

We will actually look at something different and new.

But you can always use your own words that can fit-in.

First 20 elements

*Hi He Lied Because Boron Could Not Oxidize Fluorine. New Nations Might Also Sign Peace Security Clause. Arthur King Can. (till Ca).

(NB: Most of you are used to : hey he likes beating boys coming near our field… )

K (Potassium) Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr


*PoKey Captain Scans Tight Virgin Crew Members Fer Cold Night Cuddles. Zany Gray Germs Are Sold By Kremlin.

In reverse order: Kry Brother! SeAs ofGermany and Gaul sink copper ships Nice and

Cold From Manx to Crimea, Vancouver to Timor, and Scandinavia to the California Boast.

Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn

” Sc” ience “Ti” Cher ” V” ery “Cr”uel ” ‘M” a” n ” F”r” ee “Co”aching to ” Ni” dy “C”o” u”sin” Z”

*Scary Tiny Vicious Creatures are Mean; Females Come Nightly to Club Z

*Scabby Tim Violates Crummy, Mangy, Ferrets, Cows and Nice Cute Zebras

Group1; Happy Little Nasty Kids Rub Cat’s Fur

Group2 ; Bearded Muggers Came Straight Back Rapidly.

Group 3; Boron. Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, Thallium

*Bears Always Gave Indians Trouble/B A G I T(bag it)I BringAll Gas In Thailand .

Group 4; Can Silly Germans Snatch (Tiny) Public (Lead)./ Can Simple Germans Snare

(Tiny) Public (Lead)

. Group 5 ; New Popes Assign Subordinate Bishops./Non-ProfitAs anti-moneyBusiness .

Group 6; Oliver SmithSells Tea Pots/Oh Shiva See The Pots.

. Group 7; Fish Can’t Breathe In Air/ Funny Clowns Broil Im10cent Ants

. Group 8; He Never Arrived; Karen exited with Ron/Hero Needs Arguable Kryptic Xes.


*Oil Rig: Oxidation is loss; Reduction is gain (ofelectrons) .

*Cats have paws # Cations are positive.

AN OILRIG CAT: At the ANode, Oxidation involves Loss of electrons red uction Involves Gaining

electrons at the CAThode.

. ‘LOAN’- Left Anode Oxidation Negative [ on the left on side of the cell reaction (in

written form), Oxidation takes place }

. Red cat: Reduction at cathode; , An ox:Anode for oxidation .

Fat Cat: electrons now From Anode To Cathode.

Hope you found it fascinating and helpful.

NB: You can always add your own words for easy work.

Watch out for biology and other subjects.

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