Error importation file GCE registration 2020

Error importation file GCE board registration 2020

Error importation file GCE board registration 2020

The Following Centers below have issues with their flashes. Please its urgent.
Rule 1 : Follows the instructions

This is a reminder on how to make a proper backup for onward transmission to the GCE Board.

At the end of your registration process,

1: Goto Tools
2: Choose Export Data For Transmission
3: Select destination where you want your backup to created and Click OK
4: You will receive a pop up message saying “Data For Transmission Successfully Generated And Stored In ….”
5: Click Ok
6: Goto to the location on your pc where backup is stored and copy the two zipped files which follow the nomenclature Data[CentreNo].Zip and Pics[CentreNo].Zip
Rule 2: Do no tamper with the generated files
Rule 3: Sent The Generated files Data[CentreNo].Zip to the following email as soon as possible
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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