cameroon gce june 2013 English Paper 2

cameroon gce june 2013 English Paper 2

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Content and Organisation (12 marks) 

Expression (16 marks)

Accuracy   (12 marks)

Choose ONE topic to write about from the list below. You are advised to write clearly and effectively, to spell and punctuate correctly, and to ensure that your writing is appropriate in style and content to the topic chosen. Avoid obscene language and do not disclose your identity.

You should write between 450 -500 words.

a) Write an essay which begins with “One early morning on my way to school, I saw a man lying helplessly by the side of the road … “

b) Describe the way a new-born baby is received in your community.

c)         Should abortion be legalized in Cameroon?

d) Money.

e) “Spare the rod and spoil the chil” Write a story to illustrate this proverb.

f) Write about the climatic changes in recent years, bringing out the effects on your community.

g)         Describe the process of producing any local craft in your are State its importance and uses.

h) Write a story, a description or other form of composition suggested by one of the following pictures.

Your composition may be directly about the subject of the picture or take some central suggestion(s) from it. There must be some clear connection between the picture and your composition.



pic a       pic b

pic A                                                                                  Pic B





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