cameroon gce A/L june 2014 BiologyPaper 2

cameroon gce june  2014 BiologyPaper 2

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1. (a) What are the main characteristies of enzymes?
(b) How do enzymes work?
(c) Explain the main types of enzymes inhibition.



2. (a) Draw a fully labeled diagram of a generalized animal cell as seen under the electron microscope?
(b) Give five differences between this cell a chlorenchyma cell?
(c) State five disadvantages of preparing and viewing cells under the electron microscope.
(d) Why are electron microscopes not found in laboratories in Cameroonian schools?

3. (a) Explain why lower organism such as unicellular animals and cnidarians lack a respiratory organ
(b) Name any three respiratory pigments in the animals kingdom, their corresponding metals, and a group of animals in which each is found ( Tabulate your answer)
(c) i) Describe the ventilation mechanism in a named bony fish.
ii) Give reasons why gaseous exchange is more effectives in a bony than a cartilaginous fish.

4. (a) What are the main features of the genetic code?
(b) With the aid of an ANNOTATED flow diagram only, show the stages involved in sperm formation in man.
(c) Describe the processes leading to double fertilization in flowering plants.

5. (a) Explain what is meant by the term ecosystem.
(b) With reference to examples from a named ecosystem, explain what you understand by each of the following :
(i) Detritus feeders,
(ii) Decomposers
(iii) Edaphic factors,
(iv) Pyramid of Biomass

6. (a) What is a nerve impulse?
(b) Describe how it is transmitted along a neurone.
(c) How can this impulse be transmitted across synapse?
(d) Differentiate between nervous and hormonal transmission.



7. In hamster the allele for long body is dominant over that for short body (stumpy), that for straight fur(straight) is dominant over curly fur(curly) and that for black eyes.
(a) Using suitable letters, give the possible genotypes of hamster whish are:
(i) Long bodied with straight fur and black eyes.
(ii) Stumpy, curly and red eyed.
(b) On crossing a stumpy, straight fur, black eyed hamster with a stumpy, curly and red eyed hamster, the following progeny were obtained:
31 stumpy straight red eyed.
26 stumpy straight black eyed
29 stumpy curly red eyed
32 stumpy curly black eyed
Giv”e the genotypes of the parents and a reasoned axplanation of the results obtained.



8. (a) What do you understand by biotechnology?
(b)i) The search for alternative sources of energy has become a priority following a rise in oil prices and threat of environmental problem caused by the burning of fossil fuels.How is biotechnology usefull in this field?
ii) State how biotechnology is usefull in the pharmaceutical production of penticillin.





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